My post-natal hospital stay 

Our daughter Melia was born on October 9th, 2015.

Alright, let’s go back in time to when I was in the hospital for the birth of my daughter. Ok, to be exact, it was a private maternity hospital/clinic, which is very common in Japan. I had a c-section due to placenta previa and stayed in the hospital for a total of 9 days. It’s quite the norm in Japan especially if you had a c-section. And yes, it’s a long stay but it’s actually pretty nice. Not only are mothers given enough time to rest and recover properly, but are also taught on how to breastfeed(highly enouraged here) and how to care for their newborn.

I learned how to properly hold a newborn, how to feed, burp, bathe, change diapers, and so forth. The nurses were there to help guide me and answer any questions that I had. I was able to return home with a bit of confidence and not absolutely freaked out on how to keep a tiny fragile human alive! Now that I think about it, it’s kind of crazy that in the States, mothers get sent home so soon!

The whole experience though, honestly, was far from how I imagined it would be. Post c-section was extremely tough for me. Every movement I made was excruciatingly painful! I was utterly miserable, especially for the first few days. And it really didn’t help that half of the nursing staff was cold and unfriendly and insensitive at times. But one thing that sort of made up for the lack of friendliness was the food. Yup, at least the food was good. It was delicious, nutritious, and full of variety.

So here are some of the meals that I had, in no particular order.


Oh those two little dumplings were so good!


A big breakfast that I couldn’t finish.


The presentation was on point!


Tea was served with EVERY meal.

Afternoon tea time. Matcha latte served with a piece of delicious cheesecake.

A fancy congratulatory dinner the night before I got discharged, and  was gifted a bottle of wine to take home! hah!

And of course, dessert and tea.

Oh gosh, now I’m hungry!


I’m back!!!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time now(nearly a year!) and I blame it on motherhood, yup that’s my excuse. Basically, motherhood is hard, but being a stay-at-home mom without any friends/family around is even harder. At times, that lack of support system gets to me and makes me feel like a lonely mama. But I’m trying each and every day.


So here is a lil’ glimpse of me and my daughter last year when the weather was nice and warm here in Japan. We went out to Lake Yamanakako, one of the five lakes of Mt. Fuji(fujigoko).


We made a point to check out this really outdoorsy lakeside cafe called the Hammock Cafe. Seriously nothing I’ve ever seen before! It is such a nice relaxing spot to just soak up the beauty of Lake Yamanakako.


So while I did enjoy the hammock, the forest-like setting, and the view of Lake Yamanakako, I however, didn’t enjoy the food as much. It was ehhh mediocre. I would definitely go back but perhaps just for the hammock and a cup of coffee next time.